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Fast turn-around times

Texliff renders Afrikaans translations 6x faster than conventional service providers thanks to our smart translation management system.

Certified Afrikaans Translation Service

Just let us know if you need a translation certification and it will be included in the delivery package!

USCIS compliant

We guarantee that our Afrikaans translations comply with USCIS requirements.

78 languages supported

We translate documents to and from 78 languages — including Afrikaans.

Top-Quality Afrikaans Translations

Texliff Online Translation Services renders top-quality Afrikaans translations with a wide network of sophisticated Afrikaans translators and employs a smart translation management system to facilitate our Afrikaans translation processes.

Professional Afrikaans Translators

We work only with professional Afrikaans translators and also assign into-Afrikaans translation projects to native Afrikaans speakers to ensure the quality of our translations.

Online Translation Services

We can work on any type of written content.


Texliff handles all kinds of documents — legal, medical, financial, technical, etc. — with a sophisticated network of expert linguists.

Afrikaans Translation

If you need your Afrikaans translation certified, just let us know! We can send you an online copy of your certified translation on delivery.


Website localization is the key to global sales. We translate websites from and to Afrikaans with a focus on smooth cultural adaptation.


Texliff is the best solution for your audiovisual Afrikaans translation needs thanks to our cutting-edge multimedia translation tech and seamless flows.

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Medical & pharmaceutical

Medical reports, test results, epicrisis reports, prospectuses

Engineering & Technical

Technical documents, manuals, books, contracts, data sheets


Contracts & agreements, court decisions, birth certificates, official correspondences, company formation documents

Financial & banking

Trade agreements, fiscal reports, balance sheets, receipts, feasibility reports