Who are we?

teXliff has been formed by a group of tech-savvy professional linguists seeing the future in globalization of the virtual platforms and environments that are advancing and evolving every single day, and thus carrying our lives to a whole new reality.

We mainly focus on the translation and localization of 4 types of content: Websites, Mobile Apps, Games, and Videos.

How does teXliff work on your content?

We use a cloud-based translation management system with a 256-bitĀ Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protecting our clients’ data and power it with a sophisticated network of over 2,000 linguists.

Our team monitors every phase of your project closely thanks to the progress feed simultaneously provided by our system. When the process is complete, we conduct a quality assessment phase to ensure the final product meets your needs.


How can I get a quote?

That’s easy! Just go to our home page or click the button below to get one. teXliff can save you thousands of dollars with its cost-benefit services.