Afrikaans Translation

Though its name carries an inclusive reference to the whole continent, Afrikaans is the official language of South Africa and it is also spoken by a minority in Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

Afrikaans language adopts a wide range of vocabulary from quite a few languages, however, most of its vocabulary is of Dutch origin and the language itself evolved from the Hollandic dialect of Germanic languages.

All of us at Texliff Translation Services greatly value our clients’ desire to cover even the smallest locales of the world in their localization projects and therefore, we choose the best native Afrikaans translators based on a detailed translator vetting process.

Apart from Afrikaans localization projects, we receive a great number of Afrikaans translation projects in such fields as Afrikaans legal translation, Afrikaans medical translation, Afrikaans technical translation, and Afrikaans marketing translation.

Among the most popular Afrikaans translation requests are Afrikaans birth certificate translation, Afrikaans passport translation, Afrikaans diploma translation, Afrikaans medical report translation, Afrikaans contract translation, and Afrikaans website translation.

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