Bengali, also known as endonym Bengla, is the official language of Bangladesh as the most spoken language in the country and among the 22 languages spoken India.

With about 265 million speakers, Bengali is the 5th most commonly spoken native language in the world, also making it the 7th most-spoken language.

Texliff Translation Services professionally renders translations from and into Bengali with precision and great attention thanks to its base of scrutinizingly selected Bengali translators.

As in all the other languages and the language combinations we work on, our expertise in Bengali translation is based on our standard service fields, to say, Bengali legal translation, Bengali technical translation, Bengali medical translation, Bengali creative translation, and Bengali localization.

As part of these fields, the most popular translation requests that come to us include Bengali birth certificate translation, Bengali marriage certificate translation, Bengali diploma translation, Bengali passport translation, Bengali medical report translation, and Bengali website translation.

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