Bulgarian Translation

A South Slavic language and a part of the Balkan language area, Bulgarian language is the official language of the Republic of Bulgaria and one of the official languages of the EU. To some extent, it is also spoken by minorities in Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Bulgarian employs two writing systems, Cyrillic and Bulgarian Braille Latin scripts, and since 2007, Cyrillic is one of the official scripts of the European union.

Texliff Certified Translation Services, thanks to our large base of professional Bulgarian translators, renders Bulgarian translations based on a standardized translation process, designed carefully to meet the quality expectations of our translation clients.

Our expertise in Bulgarian translation branches into five main fields — Bulgarian legal translation, Bulgarian technical translation, Bulgarian medical translation, Bulgarian creative translation, and Bulgarian localization.

Some of the popular Bulgarian translation requests include Bulgarian birth certificate translation, Bulgarian diploma translation, Bulgarian marriage certificate translation, Bulgarian passport translation, Bulgarian medical report translation, and Bulgarian website translation.

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