Catalan language, also known as Valencian, is the co-official language of Catalonia, the Valencian Community, and the Balearic Islands, which are the autonomous communities in the east of Spain.

According to the Report on the Catalan language in 2018, there are approximately 10 million Catalan speakers across the world. As for the writing system, Catalan uses the Latin script, also known as the Catalan Braille, which is pretty close to French Braille.

Although it is a minority language, we, Texliff Translation Services, put great effort into gathering a carefully chosen and vetted team of Catalan translators not only to keep on track with our very own translation and quality processes, but to fulfill our promise to provide our translation clients with an error-free product.

Catalan translation, as in the other languages listed in Texliff’s business program, is divided into a group of specialization fields for our clients to have a professional and smooth translation experience — Catalan medical translation, Catalan technical translation, Catalan creative translation, Catalan legal translation, and Catalan localization.

We have so far worked on dozens of Catalan translation projects and completed them with a 100% success rate and the said translation projects mainly comprise Catalan birth certificate translation, Catalan marriage certificate translation, Catalan diploma translation, Catalan contract translation, Catalan marketing translation, Catalan passport translation, Catalan medical report translation, and Catalan website translation & localization.

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