Also known as Han language, Chinese is an East Asian language spoken as a native language by over 1.2 billion people.

Though most are considered to be different languages because they lack mutual intelligence with the main language itself, there are a great number of Chinese variants, which makes it even harder for linguists to study the language.

Chinese is, as Standard Chinese, the official language of the People’s Republic of China, as Taiwanese Mandarin, the official language of Taiwan, and also one of the official languages in Singapore.

Chinese language uses two writing systems, Traditional Chinese (Chinese traditional) and Simplified Chinese (Chinese simplified).

As Texliff Translation Services, we are aware of the fact that Chinese is among the hardest to translate from and into and therefore we carefully pick our Chinese translators among hundreds of applications and test their abilities to work on our Chinese translation projects.

Our specialization in Chinese translation comprises Chinese legal translation, Chinese medical translation, Chinese localization, Chinese technical translation, and Chinese creative translation. Also, we are capable of working on both Chinese Simplified and Chinese traditional translation projects.

As for the popular translation projects that are sent to us, we have so far successfully completed numerous Chinese translation projects such as Chinese birth certificate translation, Chinese marriage certificate translation, Chinese diploma translation, Chinese passport translation, Chinese medical report translation, Chinese contract translation, and Chinese website translation.

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