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  • Academic Translation

    Academic translation, as a term, refers to the translation of academic dissertations and similar documents written in miscellaneous fields and it can involve legal, technical, and even literary translation.

    teXliff offers seamless and top-quality academic translation services with a sophisticated translator base and fast turn-around times.

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  • Legal Translation

    Legal translation requires utmost attention due to the usage area of the documents and must be rendered by highly-skilled professional linguists. Court notifications, agreements, contracts, and commercial papers are among the documents mostly requested to be translated.

    teXliff Translation Services ensures the quality of legal translations thanks to a 3-staged quality control process. After your legal content is translated, an editor and a proofreader review the translations in detail and it is also processed through computer-aided QC — which enables us to be a hundred percent sure the final product is accurate and consistent.

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  • Medical Translation

    Medical translation, as a term, refers to the translation of such documents as medical reports, prescriptions, surgical operation reportsor MRI reports.

    With over 3,000 translators and 10+ of experience, teXliff offers first-class medical translation services and fast turnaround times.

  • Technical Translation

    In energy, construction, automotive, food, chemistry, logistics, transportation, and a lot more industries, the demand for the translation of such documents as technical specifications, manuals, or assembly instructions is rapidly rising every year and technical translation is more than a must for the businesses seeking global expansion.

    We, at teXliff Translation Services, use a computer-assisted translation management system, translation memories which enable us keep consistent throughout the same project and previous ones, and a 3-staged quality control method to ensure your technical translations are 100% seamless.

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Also need to localize your content or product?

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  • Website Localization

    Latest surveys on localization indicate that potential clients prefer the products and services provided in their language and culture.

    Website localization does not only involve translation, but also the cultural adaptation of the content and even the non-linguistic materials, such as images and videos, and thus it boosts the user & customer experience helps your global identity gain better visibility and credibility.

    teXliff brings together localization experts and cutting-edge translation & localization tech to convey your message to your target locales accurately.

  • Game Localization

    Localization has been a complementary part of game development process since the birth of video games and today, playing games in local languages is getting more important for gamers from different age groups and various regions of the world.

    Visuals, character names, manuals, and even the game hardware: Localizing your games is always an extra reason for gamers to enjoy your creative worlds.

    teXliff game localization services help your games reach out to the gamers all around the globe. To get a quote, just click the button below.

  • Software & App Localization

    What made mobile apps popular all around the globe since they first came out is indisputably localization. From app descriptions to the apps themselves, seeing local details and language is what attracts millions of users to use a mobile app.

    And considering the culturally close locales/regions speaking a common language, such as English, French, Spanish, and Chinese, it is even possible to get your app heard by tens of millions of people by translating your app into just a few languages.

    We help your mobile developments get into the new international markets with our seamless, accurate, and high-tech localization solutions.

  • Video Translation

    Videos have been one of the most preferred online content marketing options in the last decade.

    And because of the latest improvements and trends in video sharing & streaming platforms, video translation became the chief factor in marketing and spreading online visual content.

    Providing seamless translation & localization services, teXliff can help you with the translation of video ads, personal video content, TV shows, and streaming media.